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An amazing vacation spot for all, Puerto Rico boasts of a rich culture and scenic beauty. The unblemished beauty of the beaches along the rectangular Island of Puerto Rico is praiseworthy. It is a great choice for those looking for a blissful retreat. It has raw nature as well as urban cities, so you can get a dose of both these lifestyles as and when you please. Tourism is one major income to the island of Puerto Rico. ‘How do they give the tourists a look at their precious surrounding?’ Well! There are many ways. You could avail a personal cab throughout your tour which could be real expensive. Then there is the train but not a very preferred mode of transportation especially if you are traveling with your family. The most preferred and comfortable way of transportation would be using the Coach Bus Services in Puerto Rico. There are a plethora of travel agencies around the island, therefore easy to spot one when the need be. Mostly all of them offer coach bus services for tourists. Many times they also throw in a guide as a bonus who will enlighten you about the various famed spots while you go around the place. So, one of the easiest and affordable ways to travel in Puerto Rico is the Coach Bus. But if you want to go for a cheaper alternative, there are government run transit buses. These run around the place from morning till late evening. They can be quite unpredictable and sometimes uncomfortable.

Never to miss top spots in Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico has a treat for every kind of tourist, be it the luxury tourist, the adventurer or a tourist family. Following are some of the never to miss places in Puerto Rico which you could visit while on the Puerto Rican island.

Bioluminescent bay- A magnetic and enchanting nature’s gift to man and a must see spot in Puerto Rico. Bioluminescent bay’s here will enthrall you by the uniqueness of their beautiful shimmering waters. Best time to visit would be at night, that’s when the water begins to put on a magical shine. You could swim in and get one of a kind treasured experience to take home. Other than the bioluminescent waters there are pristine, beautiful crowd free serene beaches where you could relax during the day.

El Yunque- A well preserved natural habitat to lots of wild animal and plant species, El Yunkee promises a delicious treat for the nature lover. You could trek through the forest and get up close with nature OR take a zipline ride above El Yunkee, enjoy the breath taking views and the ride itself.

Some species of plants and animals native to this region are not found anywhere else in the world. For the adventurer there is also the Camuy caves which are very old limestone caves and guarantee an unforgettable experience.

Castillo de San Felipe del Morro- Get a share of interesting history lesson imbibed with the age-old well designed architecture and plenty of stories and interesting facts that your guide may share with you. It’s a big castle and the background is best for some great pictures with the marvelous structure making up your backdrop. After the tour of the palace hop on to your coach bus and carry on to the next tourist spot.

Other than these tourist spots there is more to Puerto Rico. Their club culture is famous and so is their rum culture. Get a sneak peek of the Bacardi rum factory. If you have a pre-booked schedule then you are sure to get a glimpse of the factory as most of the tours include this spot. Then there is the variety food which you could check out at the road side stalls or simply ask a local where to get a real treat of the region. Restaurants can be pricey but food is good.

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