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Comfortable Corporate Group Transportation in Puerto Rico

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Apart from the main tropical island of Puerto Rico, the uninterrupted territory of the US includes several other smaller exotic islands such as Vieques, Mona, Desecheo and Caja de Muertos. The much sought after vacation spot is dense with mountains, lakes, river and large coastal areas. Temperature too is quite favorable throughout the year with an average of 28 degree Fahrenheit. Clearly this part of the Caribbean is ideal for group tourism. In fact, in 2009, the island’s tourism accounted for approximately 7% of its gross national product. When tourists from far reaches come for vacation, hiring chauffeur driven group transportation in Puerto Rico and San Juan is popular as compared to traveling on your own. Find out the reasons why it is so.

Chauffeur Driven Group Transportation in Puerto Rico and San Juan

Here is why large traveling groups choose chauffeur driven group transportation in Puerto Rico and San Juan over renting a car or using local transport during their stay.

• Navigation

Puerto Rico is hot vacation spot with busy streets, highways and multiple routes. Foreign visitors who are unfamiliar with the ways take wrong turns too often. This cuts down on the vacationing time and moreover the one who drives feels stressed. However local transportation companies offer chauffeur driven SUV navigators, suburban, personal/mini vans. Groups can choose among these according to their needs. While cars with navigation system help to an extent in an unfamiliar location, congested streets and crowded places may hamper your focus. Transportation with local, experienced drivers can help you enjoy your vacation without worries.

• Togetherness

With the help of comprehensive group transportation in Puerto Rico and San Juan offered by various destination management companies, large groups, families can travel together. You do not have to hire more than one car as mini vans, personal vans, luxury SUV navigator and suburban are offered with drivers for tourist to enjoy the value of togetherness with comfort.

• Convenience

Chauffeur driven mini bus, private vans, luxury sedans are offered with pick and drop at the meet and greet areas at all the best hotels in Puerto Rico. Tourists can forego long parking lines or valet parking for that matter as services from top transportation companies offer fast pick and drop options. There is no waiting time also as the driver never leaves the premises until you allows them to.

• Comfort

When tourists hire group transportation in Puerto Rico and San Juan, they are taken to distant amusement parks, beaches, rain forests and other outdoor attraction in the comfort of air conditioned cars. Additionally, foreign tourists do not have to worry about different traffic rules, driver’s license, etc. Transportation companies take care of that. Apart from that transportation service providers are localized therefore are able to suggest best locations, good hotels, restaurants and other local attractions. After the daylong of activities, group travelers can come back in their hotels relaxed and refreshed when they choose to leave their traveling worries on experienced destination management services.

When you look for group transportation in Puerto Rico and San Juan, make sure they offer a variety of vehicles for group travelers at affordable prices. Also, find out if the service providers offer customized packages according to your requirements.

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